Welcome to RaconteurImagery. I’m Trevor, a Wisconsin-based photographer with an emphasis on creating social content.

My philosophy is that I’m not here to present a fake version of you: my goal is to ensure we’re showing the world your best you. True beauty shines through when your images are true to who you really are. Real talk: when it comes to editing photos, I don’t make anyone prettier, or thinner, or more photogenic, or have bigger boobs, or whatever. I do want you to look like you do at your best, so I fix lighting, adjust coloring, clean up breakouts, etc. That said, my repeated experience is that our self-perceptions generally differ from reality in that we’re much harder on ourselves than others are.

My goal as a photographer is ensure that you can see yourself with the loving eyes everyone else sees you with, and not the biased eyes we all apply to ourselves.⁠​​​​​​​

Most shoots last about an hour, give or take. Because my preference is to shoot natural light, timing can be key—so please don’t show up late, or we may lose the perfect light! During a shoot, I’ll chat away and ask you questions about yourself, your drives, and your motivations. I find that people photograph best when they feel known: the beauty that is the real you shines through when you’re unguarded.

From time to time, I’ll provide posing feedback. In general, most people are pretty good at posing naturally once they relax, but certainly if you’re new to having your picture taken, it can be tricky. I’ll assist, and I’ll do what I can to put you at ease.You’re always free to ask any questions you want, or to stop and take a break at any time. Just let me know.

Your comfort is always my priority—and it’s also how I ensure we get great, real shots of you.

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